Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Dancing Girls

This was our Christmas dance recital this year and Avery's debut on the stage. Nothing but cuteness all over the place. Avery was very good at twirling and Andie was an amazing Frosty. I love these girls!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Nothing Like the Real Thing

This year since Christmas is in storage we decided to go out and pick up the real thing. A real Christmas tree. There's nothing like it. The smell mixed with the clementines and grapefruits is definitely raising that Christmas spirit...

Until Dave started putting the brand new lights on the tree and they spontaneously shut off...!!*#*@!*&!!!! Breathe Dave, breathe .

Delicious Craving

Just wanted to share my latest craving. Sliced grapefruit with Truvia sprinkled on top. I can't get enough! It's not just me with the fix either. Dave and the girls beg for it all day long. So yummy!

P.S. Make sure you breathe that citrus smell in deep. 'Tis the season!