Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween '08

Alex was a "Pretty Witch";  Andie, a Beautiful Princess;  Avery, another Beautiful Princess;  Daddy, an "Ugly" Redneck Joe Dirt F-Dude;  Mommy. . . Bah Humbug.  I got everybody ready.  Happy Halloween.

Such a pretty "Pretty Witch."

So ugly. . . not you, Alex.

Avery is officially the hardest person to take a picture of.

Andie's so sweet.

My Girls.

Pumpkin Carving

Dave decided to carve pumpkins with the girls.  His most favorite thing to do.  (not)  He's a complainer about Halloween.  Not his favorite.  Here are some pics to prove it.  Unfortunately, I went to my primary meeting and no one took pics of the finished product.  Oh well, cute pictures anyway.


Enjoying the slimy pumpkin seeds

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am deathly afraid of spiders.  I couldn't even post a picture of a real spider because I start shaking and yelling swear words.  So I thought Spiderman would have to take the place.  Thank you Spiderman.

Today as I was making my bed and picking up the room I notice a GINORMOUS spider on the ottoman at the foot of my bed.  Holy ____!!!!  What do I do?  Dave of course isn't home.  Alex is at school so she can't save me, dang it.  I'm on the phone with my sis who tells me, "Go get the Raid!"  I have no Raid.  But would have been good to have in a situation like this.  (Note to self.)  I run and get the vacuum and decide that it is too big to be sucked into the vacuum and who wants a huge spider in their vacuum that will come and kill you later?

In the mean time I hang up with my sis and continue to have a staring contest with the GINORMOUS spider.  I've been holding the vacuum going through my options while Avery is comforting me saying, "Scary, scary!"  (Good mom.)  Then it moves.  I swear it was coming straight for us so I grab Avery fumbling with the vacuum with bad words flying. (Again, good mom.)  So while I'm saying bad words and saving me and my baby it crawls underneath the ottoman where I can't see it.  This is worse.  Will I ever sleep in my bedroom again?  No.  So I have been calling Dave hoping he'll drop everything at work and come save me.  No.  He tells me to flip the ottoman over and put a bowl over it so when he gets home he'll kill it.  Thanks, Dave.  Good idea.  (Bad word.)

Still going over my options, I now have a bowl, the vacuum, my crying baby and a stick to move it off the ottoman and onto the floor so I can put a bowl over it.  I'm thinking at this point, "I'm tough!  I can do this!"  So I flip the ottoman over!  (More swear words eek out. Sorry.)  And no spider running for cover.  But then I spot it!  Hiding next to one of the legs.  So I spend another 10 minutes with the vacuum pointed at it, sweating and going over my options.  

Then it came to me!  I decide to drag the ottoman out the front door.  Brilliant.  

Everything went beautifully.  I dragged the ottoman to the door, opened the door very wide and carefully threw my ottoman outside into nature.  But don't think I didn't make sure that thing was off that ottoman and out of my life!  Yay for me!  

Dave says I have a problem.  I thought he'd be proud of his proactive wife gettin' things done and facing her fears!  Thanks for the support, babe!  Can you tell I can't drive and have way too much time on my hands?  44 days and counting.  I need a widget!

Good Morning

Guess what our little monkey did this morning.  A little good morning strip tease.  I walked in and found her naked, laying in bed with her feet crossed, singing, clothes and diaper strewn to the floor, happy as can be.  Ahh, the life.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

The Tree House

Dave's had a fun project he's been working on in his spare time.  Building a tree house for the girls.  They have loved it and it's been a hit in the neighborhood.  He says he's not done because he wants to add another level and possibly a roof.  Go Dave!  It looks like that will have to wait until spring.  This is what we have so far and we think it's great.  And I think maybe it was more for him than the girls.  

I also need to thank Sean Dickson for leaving his family and wearing his tool belt and helping Dave out for a couple of nights.  Good for them getting that testosterone going.  Thanks guys.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Cornbelly's Craziness

Here are some pictures of our fun day at Cornbelly's at Thanksgiving Point. 

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Pizza Dough

Ok, I've had a few requests for my pizza dough recipe so I thought I'd throw it up on the blog.  

We try to have pizza and movie night every Friday with the kids and they love it!  They get to make their own pizzas with whatever they want on it.  It's always a hit and it's turned out to be a pretty fun family tradition.  Here you go and enjoy.

Pizza dough:

1 pkg yeast
1 Tbsp salt
1 Tbsp sugar
2 cups hot water
5-6 cups flour (I like to use whole wheat.  You can do all white or half and half.  Whatever you prefer.)

Mix all ingredients in your Bosch or mixer.  I let it mix for 5 minutes in the Bosch so I don't have to  knead it by hand.  Let it rise and then punch it down.  Divide up into pieces so everyone can make their own or spread it out on a sheet pan for a large one.  Bake at 350 for 15-20 minutes after all the topping have been put on, of course.  Yay!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guess What?

Our first snow.  This blog entry's for you, Aaron.  You left a little too soon.  Merry Christmas.  Oh wait, we haven't had Halloween yet. . . I'm not ready.  I think I'll go bake something.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Birthday Girl

We have had a week of birthday partying!  Last night we had a late night birthday party with eight screaming girls. . .oh wow, screaming.  Everyone made their own pizzas and banana splits.  That is totally something to scream about.  Happy birthday, Alex!  Until next year.

(No, I'm not pregnant I just look like I am. . . nice.)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Alex!

My oldest baby is turning 9 years old today!  How does that happen?  I've been going through pictures and memories have flooded my mind.  It takes me back to firsts.  First pregnancy, first c-section, first diaper change, first baby blessing, first words, first steps, first Band-Aid, first day of school, first dance recital, first soccer game, first baptism. . . She's paving the way for her little sisters that look up to her so much.  

Alex is a very well-rounded little girl.  She likes dolls and she likes snakes.  She runs through the neighborhood with the boys looking for frogs and also loves to have a pretty tea party with her girlfriends.  Whenever I come across a bug/spider in the house and daddy's not home guess who comes to the rescue. . . Super Alex! 

Alex is a girl of many talents.  She loves exploring in the back yard.  She loves drawing and art.  She loves cooking.  She loves gymnastics and dancing.  She loves Disney Channel and she's a bit of a fashionista.  

Looking back on these nine years I am so grateful for my first.  We have had a great ride together through this life so far.  Even though a part of me is sad and nostalgic and wondering where the time went, I am definitely looking forward to the next nine years plus.  Life is such a gift.  Especially being a mom to such a wonderful girl!

Happy birthday, Alex!  I love you very much.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Makin' a Sandwich

Andrea Boshard, the amazing traveling hair stylist, came to my house last week to do my hair. . . remember, I can't drive so I love her!  Anyway, while I was getting bleached Andie was starving and decided to make her own peanut butter and honey sandwich.  Her very first sandwich made all by herself. . .what a big girl. . . so cute!