Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Alex!

My oldest baby is turning 9 years old today!  How does that happen?  I've been going through pictures and memories have flooded my mind.  It takes me back to firsts.  First pregnancy, first c-section, first diaper change, first baby blessing, first words, first steps, first Band-Aid, first day of school, first dance recital, first soccer game, first baptism. . . She's paving the way for her little sisters that look up to her so much.  

Alex is a very well-rounded little girl.  She likes dolls and she likes snakes.  She runs through the neighborhood with the boys looking for frogs and also loves to have a pretty tea party with her girlfriends.  Whenever I come across a bug/spider in the house and daddy's not home guess who comes to the rescue. . . Super Alex! 

Alex is a girl of many talents.  She loves exploring in the back yard.  She loves drawing and art.  She loves cooking.  She loves gymnastics and dancing.  She loves Disney Channel and she's a bit of a fashionista.  

Looking back on these nine years I am so grateful for my first.  We have had a great ride together through this life so far.  Even though a part of me is sad and nostalgic and wondering where the time went, I am definitely looking forward to the next nine years plus.  Life is such a gift.  Especially being a mom to such a wonderful girl!

Happy birthday, Alex!  I love you very much.


Anonymous said...

I love Alex too! What a sweet love note from Mom! Happy Birthday, Al!!! Aunt KK

Heather's Blog said...

Happy Birthday Alex! Time flies. I never see her because she's busy dancing, playing with friends, or exploring the woods. Those pictures are precious. Love, Heather

Katie D. said...

She's so beautiful! Happy Birthday seems like you JUST got baptized. And I can't believe her hair when she was a baby! CRAZY! I am now hopeful that Presley is going to turn out to be a blonde. Crossing my fingers!

P.S. We missed ya tonight!

Mandee said...

She is such a beautiful girl- all of your girls are. You should have a dozen more!

I saw her today at school and didn't even remember it was her birthday- dang it. Happy Birthday Alex- I hope you had a great day!

Melanie said...

Happy Birthday Alex! Beautiful tribute. I might steal that in a couple of months.