Thursday, May 26, 2011

Avery's Night to Shine

Seriously, Avery is a nut. She was so funny in these performances. Dave and I just looked at each other and went, "huh?" I loved how her spot on the floor was never too far away and I loved hearing her crack up at herself when she was dancing. Look who's not scared to perform front and center in front of a crowded house!

My little Avery is growing up... still a little faster than most her age. She is only four and I have to keep reminding myself. But this is just a perfect example of pure joy.

New Project 2 from David Nibley on Vimeo.


Anna said...

Holy cuteness! By the way, will you tell your girls to stop growing up so fast? Thanks.

Paka said...

Wow! How lucky that we have Avery in our family. Thanks Steph.