Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Garden

I love summer for lots of reasons but one big one is 
We love growing stuff.
It's so fun to go out and see what we can pick off the vine and eat
or lean down and smell. 
The kids love it!
This growing season has been a little more of a challenge than
 our last garden in Cedar Hills.
We have Deer.

I took a picture of this beautiful rose in the front of my house and the next day it was gone!  Just an empty stem where it used to be.  But not just one rose. . . the whole bush of roses gone!  Just a bunch of empty stems!
And I went out the other morning and saw a mama deer and her two precious little babies with little spots on their backs. . . 
Chowing my tomatoes!   
If I had had a gun I would have shot those precious little spots off their backs!!!  
Anyway, here are some pictures of some of our harvest so far.  I guess we'll just have to share with the deer, and next year hopefully get a fence.  Ahh, nature.  We love it. 


Kim said...

I have chased off that same mother deer with her "sweet" little babies. I don't even have a garden...they just eat my new plants and trees. Yeah, I've had the same thought about a gun, they don't seem too sweet to me anymore! Oh and by the way, they aren't very scared of humans. I have gotten within a few yards of them before they finally get scared and run off. Got to love nature...right?!

David L said...

My mom has used both a paintball gun and a bb-handgun with varying levels of effectiveness against the deer. The biggest trouble is the constant vigilance required. I figure with the five of you, though (assuming that Avery has picked up the trigger-finger technique) shifts of about five hours each could be managable. Just thought I'd pass that little tip along to help you out.

Katie said...

I've been dreaming about your Sweet 100's....those dang deer better not eat them all!