Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Steph!

So Steph's been on the planet for 37 years. Thirty-seven! We had a fun birthday today – went out to eat for all three meals! Among Steph's presents were a very fashionable and protective Hannah Montana helmet and mouth guard. We really have no expectation that Steph will have another seizure, but now she's covered, just in case. The helmet, upholstered with a lovely vintage denim (could it be from Hannah Montana's actual pants?!) and sparkly sequins, came with the added bonus of a couple of back pockets, the perfect place for a list of instructions in the unlikely event of another seizure.

I'm behind on the updates of Steph's seizure. She had an EEG, complete with electrodes spackled to her head with paste, strobe lights, and forced hyperventilation. The results came back normal. Just like all the other tests – everything's normal. So other than the aspartame possibility, there's no reason she should have had that seizure. The chances that she'll have another one are somewhere between 1 - 5% – not very high. Now she just has to endure another couple of months of no driving, lay off the aspartame, and everything should be just fine. Thanks again to everyone who's played chauffeur for Steph. It's been a huge help. She sure misses her independence, but it's been fun for her to spend more time with the other somewhat desperate housewives in the neighborhood.

When I think about it, it's really strange that Steph and I are headed towards 40 in just a few years. We just got married, didn't we? It feels like we blinked and suddenly 13 years were in the books. This seizure episode has gotten me thinking about life in a different way. There was a brief moment in the course of the seizure when I actually thought I had seen her take her last breath. It was the most terrifying feeling I've ever experienced. And then when she started breathing again, it was the best feeling. I never want to have to go through either of those again. Thirteen years with Steph – I'm a lucky man. She's still just as beautiful, dramatic, funny, surprising, and perfect for me as she's ever been, and probably more so. Thanks for everything, Steph. The girls, the fun, the life lessons – everything. I love you.

- Dave


David L said...

Happy Birthday, Steph!

Julie Huish said...

I love the wedding picture!! Especially Dave's sweet bangs-to-heaven!! :-) Happy Birthday!

Mandee said...

oh. my. gosh.

I am DYING over your wedding picture! You guys look like babies!

What a sweet tribute to Steph. She is one of the funniest girls I know! I'm glad she didn't die!: )

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Thanks dave for making me cry!! You are a sweetie! Loves....xoxoxoxo kate

jakeandstephanietaylor said...

Dido to what mandee words exactly! Oh MY GOSH! Love the pictures! You are both still soooo beautiful:) Glad you had a good bday Steph. I hope we didnt inconvenience you too much!

Katie said...

Love the birthday gifts. SO funny! Glad you guys can joke about this and more glad that you are ok Steph! Have fun in SG. We'll miss ya!