Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Snow of the Season

Being behind on my blog would be an understatement.

The Excuses...
I have had issues with my back up hard drive and I can't get to any of my pictures. As of right now, I can't get to them at all and I'm hoping all 30,000 pics are not lost forever. Also my nice camera has been a piece of poo lately which has made me not want to take any pictures! Blah blah blah... No more excuses! (Even though they are pretty legit)

I've missed my blog. I love to be able to sit down and remember a moment or share a story I don't want to forget. I love to keep up on pictures and what's happening with the kids so my family and friends that live far away can feel close. I love to chat about current events like who the next Bachelor is or did anyone see Mika from The Amazing Race in her floaties refuse to go down the waterslide?

It's time to Carpe Diem. Hopefully when we salvage what's left of the hard drive I can catch up. Until then, It's time to blog.


Dave said...

I will get that drive salvaged! Not to worry.

P.S. Andie's cute.

Anna said...

I miss your posts! I hope your hard-drive is salvageable... that's a bummer. Happy winter!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to blogging! I missed you and I'm jealous of your snow. --Mimi

Sarah Martin said...

Stephanie, Lance and I were just watching TV and saw Dave in a commercial. AWESOME. He is famous! Fun to see him.

sarah martin