Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Happy Birthday, Avery!

Avery's the birthday girl! (Yes, I'm behind I've missed a few other events but I'll catch up.) Avery is five. My sweet little/tall Avery is five! Stop it please! She is growing up so fast. She is in her second year of preschool and is cruising right along. Her favorite food is peanut butter and honey sandwiches with the crust cut off, of course, and a glass of milk. She loves loves loves her big sister Andie and they are bff's. She is also an amazing big sister to Aidan. She loves to read her books and teach her how to say new words. She is always saying,"Say this word" to Aidan, and Aidan will usually repeat it... (which is kind of stressing me out how many words my baby is saying, Anywaaaay...) She loves To snuggle and read stories at night before she goes to bed. She always makes sure we do our "Happys" and "Sads" for the day. We can never forget. She's a little home body but does like to play with her many friends in the neighborhood.

Avery is precious and has a big heart. If I'm tired and fall asleep on the sofa next to her while she's watching cartoons, she'll always run a get a blanket and cover me up. She is as sweet as can be. I love my little/tall Avery so much.

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Dad/Dave said...

Love that girl. Happy birthday, Avery! Hope your princess party was everything you hoped it would be!