Monday, November 23, 2009

San Francisco

What a weekend! We took our little Star, Alex, to go see the musical Wicked in San Francisco. She loved it! I will say I like Alex's version of "For Good" a little better than Elphaba and Glinda's... It was so fun to spend time with just Alex. We will have to make this a tradition. Andie is already planning her trip to Hawaii. We'll see about that.

We did get in a little sightseeing while we were there. Here are some of the memories.

Yay! We're here!

This cute talented lady was selling her knit goods on the street. I wish I could've had one of everything. We got Alex a cute hat. Made by hand. Love that.

Riding the streetcar

On our way to Alcatraz with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Just a cute pic.

I love this. We were at Alcatraz and I loved all the old brick.

Hot Mama!

I wanted a good pic of the hat we bought her. So cute!

Yay, love.

Oh baby, chocolate heaven!

Probably the best hot fudge peanut butter sundae ever!


katie riggs said...

Wow....completely jealous!!! I wanna ghiradelli hot fudge sundae!!!!!! depressing....and I love the new camera! Such great pics!!!

Michelle Bair said...

so much fun!!!
you need to lock her up and Dave needs a gun!
love the hat!!
mmmmm Ghirardelli........

Kim said...

Where is the hat lady? We are going to be in SF in two weeks-

Bronia said...

How fun, and the pictures are beautiful. Love, Bronia

Anna said...

What a lucky girl!

Katie D. said...

Your camera takes great pictures (I guess so does the user)! Looks like a fun trip!

Heather's Blog said...

What a fun trip. Love the hat, Alex. You are very photogenic!!