Monday, July 21, 2008

Hard Tacos

We had drama this weekend.  We were invited to our neighbors, the Phillips, for her homemade, insanely delicious tacos.  We were looking forward to it all weekend!  Especially, Dave.  So in Dave's excitement of eating one of the delicious tacos, one of his veneers popped off... and he swallowed it!  So he did what he needed to do, (search through his own vomit), to try and find it... with no luck.  Poor Dave.  There's always the other end.  Is $345 worth that much?


Jess said...

Oh, bless. Spend 345 bucks! Who wants a crappy tooth in their mouth?....literally. This gave me the laugh I needed tonight. Good luck!

Mandee said...

searching through vomit... gross. But your bread recipe sounds delicious.

Katie said...

So did he check his poop? Tell the truth!